What I Wish My Doctor Knew

Gaining insight into what patients and caregivers want to say but don't

Adam Kleger
VP , Business Development

Dave has worked with 70+ brands and 30 companies across dozens of therapeutic categories to address a wide array of business questions while striving to bring forth the opportunities and obstacles that exist in these markets. 

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Tuesday, May 24th


Access Recorded Webinar
Dave Taylor
Director, Market Research

Who should attend?

This webinar is suitable to anyone whose role and work may beneifit from insights of patients with specific health condition. Your title or role may be one of the following:

Brand Lifecycle Marketing

Digital/Interactive Marketing

Market Research - Brand Development

Patient Engagement 

Physician Education

Market Development / Sales Enablment

New Product Development / Launch

Agency - Market Research / Product Launch

Webinar overview: What you'll learn

Assess the level of engagement and knowledge patients and caregivers have in today’s connected healthcare environment 

Why does it matter?

The one-size-fits-all wonder drug and the physician-voice-driven model, as we know it, is rapidly undergoing a paradigm shift towards advanced biologics (i.e., cell-based immunotherapies) and outcomes medicine based on patient-centered participation.  As a result of this patient-centric movement, pharma/biotech brands are increasily exploring digital methods to better understand patient journey data as insight to support programs from brand lifecycle management to market research for new product launch. In this live webinar, Dave will be sharing proprietary patient journey data at a specific timepoint, when the patients shared their thoughts on "What you wish your doctor knew?". 

Join us in this live webinar and gain insights to real patient journeys

Access Recorded Webinar

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Adam has over 20 years experience in the healthcare space, with the last 12+ supporting pharmaceutical marketing and market research functions with such companies as Protocol Publications, ListenLogic Health and Verilogue.

Understand the true impact of patients’ disease on their lives

Explore how patients interact with physicians and other members of their care team when making treatment decisions

Uncover the ‘wish list’ of items patients and caregivers would love to have in an ideal worlde

The live webinar session has ended. On-demand access to the recorded version is now available.